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October 2007
  Israeli atrocities on Palestinians:
Silence of international bodies
Current Affairs
  The Zionist state of Israel has made life for
Palestinians a hell on earth
- Kaleem Omar
How can Bush orchestrate ME peace
- Linda S. Heard
British policy: A catalogue of abuse in Iraq
- Phil Shiner
Why US invaded Iraq
- Kaleem Omer
Reconciliation and peace in Iraq
Hired US guns in Iraq
- Jeremy Scahill
Crisis in Darfur needs political solution
- Dr. Mozammel Haque
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  Islam and the west
- Mir Adnan Aziz
Human Rights
  Brutal attack on Imam of London's
central Mosque
  Taming inflation
- Arshad Shaikh
  Saudi Arabia launches a research university
- Sameen Ahmed Khan
  Modern Muslim Life in the 21st Century
My husband's faithfulness led me to Islam
Muslim Minorities
  Muslims, Madrasas targeted after
Hyderabad blasts
- Inamul Haq
Book Review
  Exposing the truth behind the War on terror
- Khan Yasir
Great Muslims
  Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai